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I Like To Ride My Bicycle

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Since last Monday I start the day by riding my bike for about an hour. Working from home has a lot of advantages, but getting plenty of exercise isn't one of them and it wouldn't hurt me if I lost some weight (again, of course).

Until now, I'm pretty happy with my decision, although I need to do some fine-tuning. My main concern is about time; I don't want to be back too late. Today I left at 7:30 and I got back 45 minutes later. This left me exactly enough to time to do some sit-ups, take a shower, have breakfast and be working at nine o'clock. I think 45 minutes is the right amount of time to ride my bike, but I'd like to be back a bit earlier. So tomorrow I'll step out the door at 7 AM. Yawn.

I'm considering buying an mp3-player. Not that I'm bored while I'm riding my bike, but I think I can listen to a lot of great audio books on marketing and personal development and stuff like that while I'm doing it. My guess is that it's an investement I'll earn back soon enough.

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